at Gator Mike’s Family Fun Park

Get Ready for a Great New Adventure

It’s time to have fun at our brand new outdoor paintball arena so choose your Adventure:

Traditional (68 Caliber) Paintball or our brand new Low Impact (50 Caliber) Paintball

Come with your friends for an exciting game and enjoy until your ammunition runs out. If you want, you can extend your game if you buy additional ammo. We provide all the equipment and protection gear. Wear something comfortable and closed toe shoes.

We recommend Low impact (50 Caliber) paintball for kids 5-13 and adults that want the paintball experience with less sting. Traditional (68 Caliber) paintball is for ages 14+.

Waivers required for all participants. Please also remember that we are a PLAY SAFE Paintball Operator and follow industry standard safety guidelines and rules. Before every game we provide a “Thorough Safety Orientation” where the paintball referee goes through the rules of the field, the safety features of the equipment and how to play a safe and enjoyable game of paintball while maintaining the highest level of safety.

Come out and have an amazing time and make memories with your family and friends. Our arena is open every day from 12pm to 8pm.

For more information please call us at (239) 574-4386 (Option 1) or send an email to



Play Safe Approved

Reservations cancelled on the day of the booking will incur a $20 fee.



Single Game
25 Paintballs
Walk On Play
100 Paintballs
Up to 6 Persons
1,000 Paintballs to share
Up to 10 Persons
1,750 Paintballs to share
Up to 15 Persons
3,000 Paintballs to share
Up to 20 Persons
4,500 Paintballs to share
Extra Ammo (100 paintballs)$6.25
Extra Ammo (500 paintballs)$25.00
Extra Ammo (2000 paintballs)$65.00
Target Range (50 paintballs)$7.50
Target Range (100 paintballs)$12.50




No open toe shoes


Paintball Waiver

Waivers are required for all activities


Gator Mike’s Paintball does not have a minimum age requirement, however we recommend players be at least 10 years old. All participants must fill out the safety waiver located here.

No minimum number of people required to play. The referees divide games so that the teams are as fair as possible.

You can Walk on for $25 per person, that includes Gun, Safety Goggles, & 100 Paintballs.

We provide Group Pricing with discounts built in. Please see the prices above on this page.

All of our Options Include semi-automatic Paintball Gun, Full Face Mask with Anti-Fog Goggle lenses and paintballs.

You can play as long as you have paintballs to use, once you are out (or don’t buy additional) your equipment must be returned.

Loose fitting clothing allowing for full range of motion and closed toe shoes, preferably sneakers. Our Paint does not stain.

We are open for groups or walk ups everyday from 12pm to 8pm.

Holidays will have the Sunday Hours (11am-7pm), except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Gator Mikes is closed on those 2 days.

We will allow play in the rain. Gator Mike’s adheres to a 10 mile radius for lightning and 30 minute pause for Thunder. If we have more than 2 Thunder pauses we will issue a rain check for you to play another day. No weather related Refunds. Rainchecks only for Lightning/Thunder.

We use .50 cal paintballs that travel slower than traditional .68 cal but getting hit with a paintball of any size can sting and or leave a mark.

You can bring your own gun but we will need to calibrate your gun to meet the standards of the rental guns we use.

NEVER, you must use paint purchased onsite to ensure fair play.