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Are you ready to be petrified at Frightmare on 78, Southwest Florida’s most spine-tingling Halloween event? Since 1992, our annual extravaganza has earned a sinister reputation for being the scariest haunt in town, drawing brave souls and horror enthusiasts from all over Southwest Florida. With its menacing atmosphere, terrifying characters, and nightmarish scenes, Frightmare on 78 delivers a heart-pounding experience that will haunt your dreams long after the night ends.

One of our event’s standout features is the cast of creepy characters. From killer clowns to aliens, zombies to horror movie favorites, the talented team at Frightmare on 78 brings these ghastly personas to life with uncanny realism. Their eerie performances are designed to make your blood run cold as you traverse through the haunted grounds. You’ll find yourself trapped in hair-raising scenarios, pursued by relentless creatures that seem to have crawled straight out of your darkest nightmares.

Scary challenges await the bravest souls who dare to enter. From a pitch-black maze to a terrifying junkyard and all-new terrors that await, Frightmare on 78 tests both your courage and wits. The challenges are designed to immerse you further into the nightmarish world, keeping you on edge and intensifying the thrill of the experience.

Frightmare on 78 is open every Friday and Saturday from September 29, 2023, through October 28, 2023. Come celebrate Halloween with us and discover the darkness that lies within. General admission is $20, but you can be first in fright with a $25 Fast Pass!