Part of running a business or managing a group of people involves fostering teamwork and intra-workplace relationships. TV shows and movies often use team building exercises as a way to poke fun at dysfunctional workplace dynamics, and to show just how out of sync they are. But in reality, team building activities can greatly boost productivity and morale.

The main reason team building activities don’t succeed is that they feel forced or try too hard to impart a lesson. The real benefit is when an activity manages to foster teamwork or healthy competition, that in turn helps strengthen—or even create—workplace relationships.

That’s where Gator Mike’s unique array of team building activities comes in. Popular options for team building are axe throwing, paintball, or even our aerial and ropes courses. Each activity can be used to set a different tone and strengthen the bonds between co-workers.

Axe throwing is one of the more laid back options for your team to enjoy. It’s a fun, low pressure activity that will be new to most people. It’s a great opportunity for workers to learn a new skill together in a way that won’t feel forced.

Paintball is another activity that might be new for many people, but it’s a much more familiar concept. The bigger difference is that it’s fast-paced and will foster both teamwork and competition in a fun way.

The aerial, climbing wall, and zip line courses are another unique way to bring workers together. While it’s more of an individually experienced activity, the act of overcoming these different challenges with your co-workers is another way to instill camaraderie all around. One potential caveat is that anyone with a fear of heights might feel left out. On the other hand, if someone manages to fight past that fear and participate in the activity in spite of it, that can be an incredibly powerful moment for strengthening relationships. After all, the feeling of overcoming a fear is unforgettable and would leave a lasting impression on everyone involved.

We have many activities to choose from that your team is sure to love. If you’re looking for a way to bring your team together, look no further than Gator Mike’s. Call us today to learn about our group rates.